NephrineX is FAST becoming South Africas favourite FAT BURNER.

And it’s easy to see why.

Dozi has lost over 13kg’s of FAT in only 8 weeks! He followed the Kaizen Transformation program and used NephrineX to fast track his results.

And many other South Africans are following in his foot steps.

So here we are at the end of my 8 weeks.

FINAL STATS: Total fat-loss = 9.3 kilos, lost 12 cm off my waist and 7 cm off my hips while keeping my lean muscle mass stable.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! I am so impressed with this little fat-burner!

I’m incredibly proud to announce the arrival of Nutrinox NephrineX. An extreme thermogenic and metabolic activation capsule that uses only science-backed ingredients at clinically proven effective dosages for fat loss.

It’s easy to see why Nutrinox NephrineX is in a league of its own, just flip the bottle over and compare it to your current fat burner.

With a WHOPPING 3720mg active ingredients per serving – there’s NO other product that comes even close to delivering the potency that NephrineX packs into a single serving.
Finally, you can get your hands on the advance technology that I use when I am prepping for a photo shoot.

It’s time to feel the burn!


Fat-loss Expert, Founder of Nutrinox Labs & Kaizen Transformation

Get Ready To Take Your

Body & Performance To The Next Level

With Our New Advanced 5 Phase Fat-Burner!

Crank Up Your Metabolism,

Supports Fat-Loss, Boosts Performance, Focus

& Mood all Day Long!

Hi, I’m Jacque Visagie. I’m a body transformation coach, fat loss expert, founder of Nutrinox Labs and South Africa’s no:1 body transformation course Kaizen Transformation.

Getting in shape is A LOT of hard work. Mostly because dieting sucks!!! Believe me, I know. As you can see I wasn’t always in such killer shape. It took A LOT of hard work, trial and error to get here.

In the beginning I was the guy eating chicken breast and broccoli out of Tupperware at every social function. And while I was criticised and laughed at – I didn’t care because luckily I had super levels of commitment and dedication to my goals.

But not everyone does. I know this for a fact because since my own transformation in 2011 – I have helped men and women from all walks of life, in more than 45 countries all around the world, to change not only their bodies – but their lifestyles.

But some people struggle to stick to the program – even when its laid out in step by step detail.

Why Do People Still Fail?

That Is The Question I Have Been Researching

Relentlessly For Over 6 Years!

You see my team at Kaizen Transformation and I are responsible for some of the most incredible transformations on the web today. Here’s a small sample:

And after hundreds of body transformations over the past five years – dealing with both successful and unsuccessful clients – I can tell you that the obstacles that cause people to fail are NOT just a clear cut and dry matter of being undisciplined…

or lazy…

or just not wanting it enough…


There are specific metabolic process that happen when people diet that sabotage their efforts from the inside – making it that much harder to stick to a diet.

Diet Sabotage

Killer Cravings

Massive cravings cause some people to become hyper focused on their favourite snack foods and this makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for them to stick to their diet.

Others find that battling cravings all day combined with less calories from dieting – causes increased irritability and moodiness that make dieting a difficult & unpleasant process.

Low Energy

Lower calories from dieting can lead to overall tiredness and lack of performance, so even though people want to workout – after a long day at work they just can’t find the energy to train.

Slow Metabolism

Excessive dieting & calorie restriction eventually slows down the metabolism which make it possible for some people to actually gain weight even though they are eating less and less.

Sooner or later these factors can drive even the most dedicated person to give up on changing their lifestyles for the better.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You Can Achieve

The Body Of Your Dreams

And you don’t have to be a genetic freak or poses super human discipline & will power to get the results you want.

But first let me tell you a bit about myself.

My passion is helping ordinary people to get into extraordinary shape, to live healthier lives and to feel great about themselves.

I want everyone to succeed and when someone fails to achieve their goal – I feel terrible.

And it was the feeling I got when I saw people fail to achieve their goals – because of something as silly and normal as food cravings – that triggered me to do some serious research and testing to try and figure out how we could deal with these normal pitfalls that come with dieting.


Now I Have A Confession To Make…

During my first few years of coaching I was firmly in the “fat burning supplements are bullshit” camp…

That is UNTIL my own research into the field showed some potential hope for a select few fat burning ingredients that allowed struggling clients to massively increase their program adherence and skyrocket their transformation results.

And with the help of an incredible team of nutritionists and chemical engineers, we finally found a way to use only the best science-backed ingredients at clinically proven levels to assist in supporting the common problems that cause many people to give up on their diets.

And the final result is a potent combination of active fat-blasting ingredients that will boost your metabolism and take your body to the next level.

Each one of our ingredients are backed by numerous studies and trials as well as my own research and testing involving my body transformation clients.

How Does Fat Loss Really Work?

If your goal is to drop body fat, then you need to reduce the size of your fat cells.

Those fat cells are where your body stores fat.

Getting leaner doesn’t mean getting rid of fat cells. You are stuck with the fat cells that you already have … unless you physically suck them out of your body.

So to get leaner, you need to reduce the amount of fat your fat cells are storing so that they can get smaller.

And for fat cells to get smaller 3 things need to happen. Firstly your fat cells need to release some of the fat that they’re storing. Secondly those released fatty acids need to travel to your mitochondria. Thirdly you mitochondria needs to burn the fatty acids for energy.

And that’s exactly what NephrineX supports your body to do!

I’m so HAPPY with my results!

Our 5 Phase Formulation

 Control Appetite & Cravings

 Increase Energy & Focus

 Release Stored Fat

 Supports Fat Transport

 Boosts Metabolism

Phase 1. Kill Cravings

The Capsaicin & Citrus Aurantium ratios in NephrineX helps to ward of carvings and improve feelings of satiety so that you can stick to your diet when it counts.

Phase 2. Improve Mental

Focus & Energy

The L-Tyrosine & Caffeine combination in NephrineX is specifically formulated to boost your mental focus and clarity so that you can stay mentally & physically energised all day long.

Enhances Feeling Of Wellbeing

This particular ratio of ingredients also has the added benefit of enhancing your mood and overall sense of wellbeing – making the whole dieting process more enjoyable.

Phase 3. Supports The Release

Of Stored Fat

The Green Tea Leaf Extract, Citrus Aurantium & Caffeine combo in NephrineX supports the release & mobilisation of stored fat by encouraging stubborn fat to leave the fat cells.

Here’s the vital part – if the released fat is not transported to the  mitochondria – then the fat simply gets reabsorbed into your fat cells. This makes phase 4 crucial.

Phase 4. Reinforce The

Transport Of Fat

When you generate more freed up fat than usual (either by following a fat-loss diet, training harder or using a fat burner) your transport system can become overloaded. This prevents fat from reaching the mitochondria and means it just gets reabsorbed again.

The Acetyl-L-Carnitine in NephrineX ramps up the body’s transport system to get more of the freed fat to the mitochondria. The mitochondria can then break down the fat to create usable energy.

Phase 5. Ramp Up Metabolism

The Capsaicin, Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium combination in NephrineX stimulates thermogenesis by helping to raise the resting metabolic rate without impacting the heart rate or blood pressure, thereby increasing your body’s energy requirements which helps you to burn more calories every day.

You Know What It Feels Like To Fail,

It’s Time You Feel What It Feels Like To Succeed!

If you’ve ever followed a plan strictly Monday to Friday only to let it all fall apart on the weekend – ruining a whole week’s worth of hard work and suffering…

If you’ve ever been so tired that you said I’ll try again on Monday…

If you’ve ever done really well only to let one bite of cheat food turn into a week long binge leaving you in despair…

You know how HARD dieting can be.

And if you’re done being stuck in the same pattern loop that keeps you from sticking to your diet & training plan – then its time to get the help you need to break free.

Get Your Bottle Of

Nutrinox NephrineX Today!

right Kill cravings before they can sabotage you!

right Boost your metabolism and burn more calories!

right Improve your concentration and focus during the day!

right Skyrocket your energy levels and physical performance!

right Boost your mood and over all feeling of well being!

WARNING: If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking metabolism boosters, even to excess, is NOT going to be enough… There just aren’t any compounds powerful enough to, all on their own, cause significant weight reduction when you overeat consistently.

That’s STILL A Fantasy

But you know this already. NOTHING on earth is going to allow you to make consistent poor food choices and be in incredible shape.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IF you know how to drive fat loss with a proper dieting and exercise system, then NephrineX can help accelerate the process and make it more enjoyable.

How To Use

Nutrinox NephrineX

Just take one to two capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and again 30 minutes before lunch.

There’s a reason why a full serving Nutrinox NephrineX requires 3 capsules.

That’s because a 24 hour intake of 6 capsules (3 capsules 2 twice per day – max dose) of Nutrinox NephrineX provides you with 3,720 mg of active fat-burning ingredients that are backed by science!

Look at any other fat burner on the market today and add up the dosing listed on the supplement facts panel.

There are no products that come anywhere close to delivering 3,410 mg of active ingredients.

Why? Because for many supplement companies, less is more. They’re in it to lean out your wallet – not your fat cells.

Fat burners that require only small dosages may sound convenient because you need to swallow fewer capsules, but they trade convenience for actual results.

That way, they can fool you into thinking that a dose of that delivers just 800 – 1,300 mg of active ingredients will help to enhance fat loss.

Finally! A Fat Burner That Uses

Science Backed Ingredients

At Proven To Be Effective Dosages

No “scam” ingredients like Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee Beans!

No under dosing active ingredients in tiny dosages of 800 – 1,300 mg – claiming that’s good enough to be effective!


What Makes

NephrineX Different?

We only use science backed ingredients at clinically effective dosages.

Very few supplement companies use ANY science backed ingredients. Most of them rely on the latest fad ingredient – even when these ingredients have been proven time and again to be ineffective.

The quickest way to tell if a supplement company cares about YOUR results or THEIR bottom line is to flip the bottle around and see if they list any of those fad ingredients or if they’re using small numbers of active ingredients.

We care about your results that’s why we would never compromise the quality of our ingredients or the effectivity of the dose just to make a bigger profit.

NephrineX Is Not For You If:

You’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

You’re on antidepressants or MAO inhibitors.

You’ve got heart, kidney, liver or thyroid issues.

You’ve got eating disorders.

NephrineX Is For You If:

You are heath adult over the age of 18

You want to boost your energy levels.

Your current diet leaves you tired, moody and cranky.

Hunger and cravings make you feel like giving up.

You’re already following a proven training & nutrition strategy and you want to maximise your results.

Don’t let slow results, constant cravings and irritability keep you from having the body you were meant to have!

NephrineX contains nothing but the safest and highest quality ingredients that are scientifically & clinically backed to support fat-loss.

Take Your Body To

The Next Level!

Accelerate Metabolism!

Mobilise & Burn Fat Stores!

Increase Focus & Energy!

Boost Mood & Feelings Of Wellbeing!

Control Appetite & Cravings!

Order Your Bottle TODAY!

What People Are Saying:

Over all I have lost 14,15kg of pure fat in 6 weeks. I have been using NephrineX for 6 weeks together with the Kaizen Transformation program and for the first time in my life I feel like I’m actually going to be able to see this fat/weigh loss thing through. In the past I just couldn’t get the motivation to eat right for more than a few days, The cravings and over all feeling of deprivation got to me.

But seeing and feeling proper results for the first time ever has really motivated me to stick to it. My energy levels are high, cravings are gone, I can see and feel the product and program working.

I can feel and see the difference in the mirror clearly, I can’t wait to see where I could be in another 6 weeks! Feeling EXCITED!

- Paul Buys

This product is surely the best product I have had the pleasure of using in a long time, no sales gimmick just results.

Look ill be honest this product was my saving grace during the 2015 festive season, all those Christmas cookies and snacks and sweets…..I could easily say no to. Yes you mind plays a huge roll but if the body confirms what the mind decides it makes it so much easier, it works so well my family even said Ryno come on its Christmas, one will not harm you.

Now that I’ve started on the Kaizen Transformation plan this product is really a key part of my training sessions as it gives you that added boost you need in the gym if you want results

The thermo effect is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can feel it work but not to the extent that your stomach is on fire. Best I have ever used by far. During the festive season on 1 bottle I have dropped 3.5kg. It suppressed cravings, im a comfort eater this helped me so much.

- Ryno Weyers

All systems good!! Energy levels right up there and no negative side effects! Two thumbs up!! I can highly recommend it. I’ve been through all the major brand names and this product will not disappoint! Go get it!!!

- Corne Olckers

Enjoying every second. I lost 2,8kg in two weeks. It gives me an awesome workout. Can’t wait for the end results. Expectant!!

- Ma'Chari Buys

Awesome product! No cravings, energy boost, I feel light and pretty good! Helps me drink water more as well …. The pre workout is great but this is pretty damn awesome!!!!
Well done to this product one won’t go wrong on using this!

- Mandi Swanepoel

Really great product, no spikes and then feeling down and out afterwards. Gives you extreme focus during training. Love the fact that i can build lean muscle with this and maintain that level. I would really recommend it, not only for cutting down on fat but also for building lean mass.-


- Christiaan Dorfling

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I recently started using it and after less than two weeks, at less than the recommended dosage dropped 3cm on my belly and 2cm round my hips, keeps you energised has no “drop” effect, insane thermo and no muscle loss! Thanx team for another extremely successful product! one that does what the label says!

- Shaun Welmans

*Please note that results will vary and for the best results use this product as part of your overall weight-loss strategy, in combination with a healthy & balanced low calorie diet and a fat-burning exercise routine.


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